company logo for navision 5

How can i make the logo for our company in navision 5 : export to microsoft office word to send the report to ms-word the logo on the file is not that of our company

we change the logo in company information card and still having the LOGO of Cronus ?

Hi Jouhayna,

If you have access then there is a white paper to help you:

Basically you have to change the bitmap in the XML template used to export.


where is the XML template used to export

i will ask for this white papaers from our partner source

but if you can help me now , it will be gratefull

go to administration, IT administration, General, Manage Stylesheet…There you will be able to export and import it. The picture is encoded. so you need to encode your picture too.

To replace:

-one way is to follow the instructions from the whitepaper

-another one is using the style sheet editor for nav from microsoft.


1.export the stylesheet. (xslt from administration and also direclty from the toolbar)

2.replace the picture in word

  1. saved it as word XML in word

  2. open the (word xml) file in an editor and copy the picture tag

  3. open the stylesheet xslt in an editor and repalce the picture tag with your picture

  4. reimport it to nav

If you need more help let me know then I post the complete description.



thank you Rene

how can i encode the picture

please can you post the complete description.

thank you again

it’s asked me if i want to do it to all forms ?

is dangerous to do it to all forms ?

in objecy designer, go the the report you want have your logo, click design button into the design mode, click the view->, now you will see the layout of the report. use the toolbox add a picture box to you report. and set the picture box’s property by using the logo you want. Be ware there are some restriction about the picture box, I would suggest using photo shop to modified the pixture first.

Good luck


thank you … solved …and getting the white papers ,


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