Company logo as a watermark

Dear All,

How can i print company logo as a water mark on every page where the customer needed.

Like in Invoice, Receipts , Reports etc.


Would it not be cheaper and better to get the stationary printed and use a desinated printer or tray?


how can i do it for customer need can u please tell me if u know

One way would be to ask your customer to buy paper printed with their logo?

Alternatively you could check which printer they are using. Many printers support embedding watermarks automatically.

hi erik

Thanks for your ans.But actually my problem is this my client wants it to print by system

Can it be possible in navision.

Alternatively i already told him to buy the paper printed with logo.

as Eric says “Alternatively you could check which printer they are using. Many printers support embedding watermarks automatically.”

unless they have a logo that is so light that it can be seen thru else it will print black.
you could always place it in a corner on everypage instead of a centered type watermark.
like on a page footer or page header (property printoneverypage=yes)

that’s about it, I don’t see any other miracle solutions


The only other solution is to export to word/pdf and print from there. There are posts on how to add a warkmark using these methods. It’s a lot of work but the client’s decision.

Thanks Dave

For your kind solution…[:)]

There are other ways - more advanced ones, all right:
Usually it is possible to upload a macro or a picture to a printer.
This macro could contain some picture, e.g. a watermark.
The macro/picture can be activated via an “Escape-sequence” or a combination of several do’s.
And this is may very well be the tricky part as we probably are talking MS Windows and printerdrivers, that vary a lot.

But it should be possible from within NAV to trigger the activation of a macro/picture:
Create some variables of type CHAR; assign relevant ascii-values to the variables, e.g. 27 (=ESC), 12 (FF), 9 (TAB) and so on. Refer to your printer-manual on this.
Now put a text-bow, containing your CHAR’s, into top-section of your report.

This is what we used to do several years ago - wasn’t allways easy, but used to work. This solution will probably only work on laser-printers.

I’m not able to help you more than this. You have to read some manuals. But don’t worry - youll’ survive! [:)]

All depends on your environment, printer and printerdriver.

Example of an escape-sequence is “<27>E<27>&l4H<27>(12U”. As I remember this one make a RESET, selects a certain tray and selects a CodePage.