Company employee


We are using AX2009.

Physically we have 2 offices.

  1. office1
  2. office2

In AX, we have three AX companies,

A, B, and C.

users located in office1, operate in AX companies A and B.

users located in office2, operate in AX companies B and C.

Now the users want to get the total number of sales invoiced created by each office.

For example:



Company A, 100

Company B, 200



Company B, 150

Company C, 230

Any suggestion on AX employees setup, so that users can get the above enquiry?

See here issue is with only company “B”.

so, i believe we have to keep time sheet for the users that from which date and which time they are working in Office A or Office B.

and against that time validation we can create report on the basis of creation date. other companies are straight forward.


The users want to get the statistic from the past history data in AX.

I think the key here is where can we define relationship between the users and their located office.

The first place I am thinking about is the user → Company. However, User → company is just the default startup company. So I cannot use that.

Then I also think about Employee. However, employee is a local (not share) table. Users do not want to share employee data, since they don’t want to share the global address book.


as i have told before it is all about time sheet. To get statistic from the past history data, we need to define time sheet of past and then to maintain it for present.

Now the question arises where we can define this??

For that I believe it will be better if we define separateform for this and which will maintain only timesheet giving following details

  1. Username

  2. From Date & time

  3. To Date & time

  4. Specific office (It will have different office history).

and it needs one validation so that no one can enter some mutually exclusive data.