Communication Link Failure


Since one week, I am getting such errors.

Based on a solution by one consultant over internet to update the adapters he fixed the issue. So, Yday after I updated the Db Sever with latest windows update. since morning it was not there…but now again it started giving such messages.

Only last week I noticed errors in Event Viewer.

Before Ax was in Physical server…recently we moved to Virtual under Nutanix.


Dear All,

Reg. the above posted error. I checked the log file for ping command to the db server from application server which I generated from a script with time stamp. occasionally it is giving Request timed out. I hope thats the reason for the Communication Link error in Event viewer.

In SQL Server - I will check the sql Server Log.

I would like to know, is there any place in AX where I can check the application log. Like when the application accessed the DB Server and its reply status.


This may help you…/

Hi Mr. Saad,

In my case, I have only one AOS.

The error pops out when the request time out happens between AX AOS server to DB Server.

Will this solution resolve that issue too.

Attached is my AOS Server Registry screenshot;.