I checked the commission calculation in AX and the rate is straight for every Sales Order line.

Does anyone know how or any idea if AX 2012 R2 can or any customization that you made where a commission will be computed only if a certain sales quota is achieved?

For example: 5% commision if the total sales of a salesperson is Php 100,000 per month?



I think there is no functionality in AX to calculate sales commission for your requirment. In your case, sales commision is calculated based on the sales target and it is considered as “commision after sale”. But AX handles the sales commision at every order level with the percentage of commision defined for a sales rep. This will be calculated either from sales revenue or margin. And commision share is also possible even if there are multiple sales rep. involved in the particular sale.

  • Lixin

Hi Lixin,

I guess so. Thanks for confirmation… :slight_smile: Guess we really need to do a customization for this…



Can you explain how this can achieved , where we need to do configuration ?


You can setup this (Revenue or Margin) in the Commission Calculation form. In the commission calculation form > go to Setup (tab) and setup Revenue or Margin at Basic field in the Origin field group. you have 2 options Revenue & Margin.


Hi Sarathy ,

Can you explain how does these options will work in practical business scenario ?

Thanks in advance.

Hi lally,

Revenue - How much revenue earned for each Sales order

Margin - Contribution of each Sales reps. In Sales reps. form we will mention the sales persons & rate. according to the rate we will distribute the commissions to sales persons.