commercial invoice...


I have created a Commercial Invoice. This is what my work order states: Gross Weight = New field in Sales Header.

Total Packages = # of ITEM type line items (see freight section below)

Freight, handling and Document Fee. Read Sales Setup table at in OnPreSection. To print the Total Packages and these three amounts you will have to read through the line items in the Sales Header OnAfterGetRecord section (separately from the section that prints them) in order to save these three amounts and count the number packages. While reading through, compare the No. field and any G/L account type line and add to these figures.

Can some on point me in the right direction. I’m very new to Navison obviously :slight_smile:

I would like to know: where to start regarding these two areas of my report. I have 90% of it done. Just need to understand how to do this and where to start.

Thank you in advance…

I think if you list your problems more specifically, people on this forum should be more able to help you out. If you ask “I created this report using the sales invoice header table, but it’s not working”, it’d be pretty hard to help you.