CommercePortal is teasing me

Hi there I get the following error Error Type: Microsoft VBScript runtime (0x800A01A8) Object required: ‘Application(…)’ /ncpi/include/properties.asp, line 27 AND in reloadproperties.asp there should also be an error on line 28. Why do i get these startup errors? I’m running CommercePortal 2.65 My configuration is as follows: - Win 2000 Server SP2 (English) - MS SQL Server 2000 + OLAP - MS Commerce Server 2000 (120-day Evaluation Version, w. SP1) - IExplore 5.5 SP1 - MS XMLparser 3.0 - MS message queeing for W2k - Navision Financials Server 2.65 - Navision Application Server 2.65 - Navision Financials Client 2.65 - Navision Commerce Portal W1 2.65 Everything was installed correctly. And when using the commerceportal with Bizdesk everything is updated as it should be. NOTE! I am using the CRONUS account as test database…

I just realised that my NAS responds the following: Incorrect function.

Question: Can you synchronise data? Question: Is your NAS running properly? (look in event log, My computer → Manage …)

Hi Stuart My NAS is functioning correctly and i have no problem syncronising data to the bizdesk…

Sorry I forgot to come back to the forum. Question: Have you modified anything to do with contacts? Actually this will give synchronisation errors but there are some problems here.

The commerce portal training documentation has a whole chapter describing tracking down communication problems like this.

Hi I think you need to trace the properties by looking at your SQL table where the properties supposed to be synch to. If the properties are there, try to restart your property application variable by calling the loadprops.asp. Regards, Ali Khasmakhi Aston Group