Commerce Portal Synch. Queue Label problem

Hello, I’m trying to run a Commerce Portal SP1 with the following platform: * Webserver : - W2K SP2 - XML 3 SP1 - CS2K Commerce Editon - SQL 2K SP2 * Navision Server - C/Side Server 3.01 - NAS 2.65 when I synchronize the data, NAS report in Event Log : “Synch. Queue Label problem” ? I can imagine queue are not created or not granted whth good access rights. Any idea ?

Resolved myself by re-installing Commerce Portal for NAS on data server.

This message is from the CodeUnit 6208. How many NAS are you using and what is the configuration. I was using 2 NAS, but I forgot to change the Registry Entries accordingly. Therefore when I started the NAS Service on one computer, it was trying to use the Synch Queue in the other computer.