Comments on delivery note


I need some help.
I would like to add some comment on Sales - Shipment report, after the list of items.
I write it in a new line without type when I make an order. Then I make posting.
When I check my order in Posted Shipments menu, I see the comment. But when I want to print it, in the preview of the delivery note I see only the items, without any comments.
Where and what should I improve? New section on the report or some new code?
Thanks is advance.


In Base Sales-Shipment report(208), you can see Sales Shipment Line-Body (2) which prints when type = 0 i.e., comments

CurrReport.SHOWOUTPUT(Type = 0);

Check this

I checked, and I have the same in my report, so it is ok.

Do you have any other idea where to look the problem?


Standard report 208 (and other reports as well) are designed to do that.

In DataItem “Sales Shipment Line”, OnPreDataItem, there are 6 lines; try read those, and perhaps you understand what happens.

A quick workaround? The last line with “SETRANGE…” - put two slashes before the command making it inactive.

In report 208 it works right. And in any other report (i.g.14516) as well, except report 14518 Sales-Shipment.

I already checked that code you wrote, and I understand how it works. But I have the same code in report 14518, and it is not working. That is why I do not know what can be the problem.

I have tried your workaround, but unfortunately nothing changed, comments can not be seen. :frowning: