Comment Line

I would like to add a comment to the COMMENT LINE table each time the ITEM table is modified. The COMMENT LINE COMMENT field should contain the contents of only X.REC of the field that was changed along with the new REC record field. Currently I have a Function and I have to enter addtional code on each field that I want to log (either in the form or table) to call the function etc. Has anyone figured an easier way to do this?? Thanks.

Have a look at the Standard “Change Log” Function. You will find it in the General Ledger Menu. The only thing is, that no Comment lines will be generated by changing values. Therefore you have to do some programming. For this: What about the OnModify-Trigger of the Table? There you can call a function, which generates the Commentlines. Hope this helps. Greetings Frank

I agree with Frank on the Change log thing. But if you don’t want that you can use recordrefs and fieldrefs. Then you won’t need to add each field seperately.

Have a look at the Standard “Change Log” Function. You will find it in the General Ledger Menu. Where exactly is this function located???

From the Online-help:


Setting Up Change Log A common problem in an administrative computer system is to locate the origin of errors and alterations in data. It could be anything from a wrong customer phone number to a wrong posting to the general ledger. The change log functionality gives you the ability to track all direct modifications a user makes to data in the database. You must specify for each table and field what you want the system to log, and then you need to activate the change log. To Set Up Change Log: Click General Ledger, Setup, Change Log Setup, Setup, Tables. Fill in the fields for each line. For Help about a specific field, click the field and press F1. Close the window. To activate the change log, click to insert a check mark in the Change Log Activated field in the Change Log Setup window. Attention The system logs all changes to the Change Log Activated field, which means that you are always able to see which user de-activated or re-activated the change log. This can not be turned off. Related Topics Viewing Change Log Entries Deleting Change Log Entries Printing Change Log Entries

This feature was introduced in ver. 3.60 (I think) so maybe it’s not available to you.

Thanks Still using 3.0 thus no change log function.

Chage Log was intorduced in 3.70. Just upgrade executables ot 3.70, it will be cheaper for yur client than paying fo this coding, and they will be pretty pissed if you charge them to code something that comes in the next version for free.

Change Log was introduced in ver. 3.60. Upgrading the executables to 3.70 will not automatically give you Change Log. You will have to add the Change Log objects and make a few alterations in other objects (in ver. 3.70 at least 18 objects were modified to accomodate Change Log - you’ll definitely have to modify Codeunit 1, ApplicationManagement). I’s worth considering, though.

blauer, you should take a look at Lanham’s history management solution, that sounds like it is exactly what you are looking for. check it out here