Come and help write the Dynamics User Group Wikis

After our upgrade website we now have Wikis available to our members and guests.

If you don’t know what a Wiki is then you might still know - the biggest wiki and I think the first wiki. The succes of Wikipedia has spread to many other areas, and some say that Wiki’s are the most important thing which has happend on the internet sinces Blogs. The big difference from “normal” web sites to Wiki’s is that it is the users who write the information. If you see a page and it contains wrong or missing information, then you can login and edit that page or add a new page. So a wiki is really a big document which is always a “work-in-progress”. New information can always be added.

Here on Dynamics User Group we currently have two Wikis. One for testing, where you can just play around. And one for Dynamics NAV Development. But if you want, then we can start othe Wiki’s ex. Dynamics AX or Dynamics CRM Wikis.

You find the Dynamics User Group wikis at or from the main navigation menu.

All members of Dynamics User Group is able to contribute to the Wiki’s by writing new pages, modifying existing, or simply comment the pages (if you think something is missing or wrong, but you don’t know how to write it in the page or just want to discuss it first).

When editing the Wiki’s on DUG, then it also contributes to your Member Points. Every activity (except just reading) will give you more points:

  • Add a new page = 40 points
  • Update an existing page = 20 points
  • Add a comment = 5 points

So when we soon run the “Dynamics User Group Community Award” competition, then this will be an easy way to boost your points.

Please also don’t forget the Dynamics Book WiKi. This wiki was started by my co-admin David Singleton and it’s focus is primary related to the go-live process of a Dynamics NAV installation.

Some of the wiki content on here looks almost identical to what is in the book wiki. Is there a reason for creating basically the same wiki? The book wiki is much more than just a description of the go-live process, it has become a complete reference site for anything related to NAV.

Hi Daniel,

Ok I haven’t actually been following the growth of the David’s wiki. But that’s the wonderful thing about wiki’s - they end getting their life. I just remember that it was supposed to have been a wiki primary about the process of a good implementation, so everything from the sales to the implementation.

But whereas I’m in general against duplicate documents, then I’m also a little currious about how different they are going to be.

I remember when David had a few chapters online and he was going to write a book about the go-live process, but when the wiki was started it has always been intended to be a complete reference guide. It already has more than 300 pages of content, and so far I have not seen anything here that isn’t already covered in the book wiki.

You’re obviously trying to compete, and competition is a good thing [Y] I was just surprised that this wiki is going down exactly the same path as the existing book wiki.