Combine multiple Purchase Orders on one Invoice

Do you have a product that does the following? Or know who may? Purchase Invoice that combines purchase orders. For example: Purchase invoice # 1234 comes in. It includes items from PO# P9870, P9882, and P9975. I want to pull up a new invoice form. Insert the vendor, invoice document date, and the vendor’s invoice # (1234). I may go to the lines, where a Purchase Order No. field is added, and on the first line PO# P9870 is called up, then select an item from this PO. After that the qty., cost, and all other fields are filled in. You then go to the next line, where you call up the same PO or one of the others. You continue until all items from the vendor’s invoice are accounted for. With this method, the same vendor invoice number is used for all items on the invoice. Using the vanilla Navision product, you must call up each PO, one at a time to process. You cannot use the same vendor invoice number, because the system does not allow duplication of the Vendor Invoice No. You will need to do something like this: PO No. Vendor Inv. No. P9870 1234-01 P9882 1234-02 P9975 1234-03 This is for version 3.60. Thank you, Chris Ballard Accounting Systems Project Manager Price Data Systems Bus. Ph. (502) 499-5375 Bus. Fax (502) 499-5376 Email:

Hi Chris. As far as i understand, you want to combine multiple POs into a single Invoice received from the Vendor. You can do it by going to Purchase & payables → Invoices. On the invoices form click Functions → Get Receipt Lines. Then select all the items from the posted receipts for which you have received the invoice from the vendor. Thats it!

On the Sales side you could also use the “Combine Shipments” functionality and the system combines all shipments for a customer and creates one invoice. The same functionality could be easily replicated for a purchase scenario.