Combine lot numbers and quantity

Hi! Exports:

If I would like to combine 4 lots into 1 new lot number and add up their quantity for the new lot, how can I do it?

Thanks for your support.

Item Reclassification Journal…

Hi! Modris :

I tried that. Just don’t know how to input the journal lines. Do I need to type 4 journal lines and go to each Item Tracking Entry to set up their old lot number to the same new lot number? Because I need to take out 4 entries from Item Ledger Entry and put only one Item Ledger Entry with sum of the 4 old entries.

Try it with one line, go into the item tracking entries and define the 4 old lot numbers and the new one the same on all four lines - this should work from memory.

Thanks for your advice, Adam.

Just tried. It’s not what I need it to be. I tried it with 2 lot numbers. The old 2 lot numbers become close, which is correct. But 2 new lines are added with the same lot number, which is not what I need. I need 2 old entry lines with different lot numbers combines into a 1 new entry line with one new lot number.

There will be something else different. If you really want one line write off all of the old ones and in teh same journal book in the new one. Remener to watch out for costing differences etc.