Comapny statement naem hasn't been set up for this bank error for ACH vendor payment in AX 2012

The company statement name has not been set up for the bank account “ABC Bank”. Does it refer to the field in bank account form “company statement name” which is grayed out. I tried to create a new bank account and by default this field is disabled!

I set up nacha file format and associated to the “ABC bank” as export file format.

What am i missing here? I am not integrating with Bank but just use the ACH (and hopefully we can key in the transaction code here)

Many thanks.

If integration with Bank is required, could some point out the steps.

it looks like this needs to be updated via SQL.

To enable Bank account > Company statement name you need to have an address (that creates party and location) for that bank account. if you add a US or CA address this field gets enabled. for other countries (like UK) you need to add country’s ISO code to countryRegionCodes property of extended data type: BankCompanyStatementName. Its value is US,CA so you would add US,CA,GB; now in your UK company, if you add an address to your bank account, company statement name field gets enabled.