COM Connector - anybody help ?

Well, I think I’m quite experience in Axapta programming, but I have to do something, which I’ve never did. I have to build some external application, and this application has to connect to some table in Axapta. I have AOS, and I have some computer in warehouse. On this computer I don’t have an Axapta client, and I will not have this. The man who are working on this computer have to write/edit/add records in f.e SalesTable. And only in this table. I think I have to use COM connector, to connect my external application to Axapta AOS. But the first question: I know a Delphi, and I think I can do something in .net c# Which solution will be better for this ? I have to write, that the best solution for me, will be, when this guy in warehouse could use Internet Explorer to connect to this AOS, so in my opinion good idea will be to write some easy application in But the second question is…I don’t know how to do this [:D] Could somebody, please, show me some example, how to connect to Axapta, get some data from some table (any), and write a record to this table ? I think, the rest will be easy, or if not will be easy, I’ll be able do to this :wink: Did I wrote that I will be thankful? No ? So I will be [:D]

Hi, Have you checked MSDN library yet (under Servers & Enterprise Development → MS Business Solutions → Axapta → Technical articles). HTH, Harish Mohanbabu

Have you checked MSDN library yet Well…no [:D] >> (under Servers & Enterprise Development → MS Business Solutions → >>Axapta → Technical articles). I’ve found somethink like this I think it’s enought to do what I want. I’m putting this link here, because maybe someone else will need to do such functionality. Thank you very much[Wow!]