Com connection error

Hi, We’re trying to install a cluster of two AOS’ses in a test environment. Working with Axapt 3.0SP4 in a 3-tier environment, we get an error when logging on: Com-object of class ‘axapta.sync’ cannot be created. Searching and finding of SMMAxOL.ddl not possible. The ddl-file however is present on client machine… We already use a COM-connection for Atlas XL. Any one a suggestion? Thanks, Johan

Hi Johan, To begin with have you tried un-installing and re-installing this DLL? Also what is the version of MS Office that is installed in this PC? Regards, Harish Mohanbabu

Hi Harish, The problem is already solved! I had tried to activate outlook synchronization and didn´t fill in the parameters right. So it had nothing to do with the test of the cluster. But thanks anyway! Regards, Johan