Columns' definition in "Item availability by Location"

Dear all,

I am a newbie in Microsoft Navision 4.

I have one simple question ( not simple to me !) about item quantity calculation in “Item availability by Location”, what are definition and calculated formula for those columns in “Item availability by Location”? They are:

  1. Gross requirement

  2. Scheduled Receipt

  3. Planned Receipt

  4. Projected Available Balance

  5. Inventory ( I think this is the current exact quantity in location)

  6. Transfer Ord. Shipment (Qty.)

  7. Qty. in Transit ( is it related to Transfer Order?)

  8. Trans Ord. Receipt (Qty)

11 Expected Inventory

  1. Available Inventory

13 Scheduled Receipt (Qty.)

14 Scheduled Issue (Qty.)

15 Planned Order Releases

16 Net Change

Many thanks in advance!

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I would suggest you read the Functional Manual of Inventory Management . You will get all what you required in this manual.