Collumms in Journal

Dear Dynamics user group.

When im eksporting table 81 to excel, i get a lot of colums and details to fill about the journal lines that i want to import. But in the journal (if i open it in navsiion) and i dont have the same amount of colums.

Example there is several colums in the excel file with table 81 regarding VAT. But if i add journal lines directly in the journal in navision i have very few colums, and nothing regarding VAT.

What happens if i fill out some colums in the excel table 81 file, and import them to a journal where the same collums does not exist? In other words can i make sure that all the colums in the exportet excel file will be enforced when i import to a journal with very few collums?

Ive posted two screenshots, where you can se that the collums in the excel file and the collums in the journal window are not the same.

I really hope that you can help me in this matter.

Best Regards



Thanks for raising as a new query. Please see link below to see how to select the columns you require before exporting a template. Please note powerful tool so you can exclude validation as well if required.

If you want to know typical columns for data migrating, for example, open customer ledger entries, drop me an email at and I will send one on.


Thank you very much for answer. It helped a lot :slight_smile:

I will drop you an email. Thank you very much :slight_smile: