Collect Order's on one invoice

Hi, Is there a solution to collect orders for same customer on one invoice. I mean, have fill in orders for customer and now want make 1 invoice with all open orders on it. regards, Wim[8D]

Hi, In the first place, I think your question fits more with the End User Questions forum, than the Developer’s. I have no knowledge of a feature like this, but there are other ways to achieve this: 1. Create a job to copy all the order lines into a single (huge, probably :slight_smile: ) sales order, then post this as usual. 2. Attach all the orders to Project (using also a job), create and post the invoice upon the project. Hope this helps, Ciprian

Wim Kuiper, When invoicing, you can select the “Summary Update” feature to create one invoice from multiple sales orders. You can choose to combine sales orders by invoice account, or by other criteria which are set in the AR parameters (“Automatic summary”). RL Dayton Ohio