COGS interim and account interim in groups of inventories

Dear All,

Do I need to create COGS interim and inventory interim for a number of inventory groups I create ? what I meant here is that in COA I created as follows:

I. Inventory

A. Finish Good Group Inventories:

1.Product A

2.Product B

3.Product C

B. Raw Materials (RM) group Inventories:

  1. RM for A

  2. RM for B

  3. RM for C

C. Auxiliary Group Inventories

  1. packing Material D

  2. Material E

  3. Material F

D. Additional Material Inventoriy

  1. Material G

  2. Material H

Group A, B, C and D is begin-total and there will be end-total for each group. The perpetual method is used here and costing method is average. What I do right now is just create one COGS interim and one account interim for all groups of inventories. I was afraid if someday in the future there will be a problem relate to COGS calculation for each groups.

I appreciate your answer. TIA



The COGS interim account is only used when a sales order has been shipped but not yet invoiced (if expected cost posting has been selected in inventory setup)

Therefore one total COGS interim account is enough as COGS will be moved to the ordinary COGS accounts when invoiced.

You do not “need” to but this does not mean you would not benefot from splitting it out.

Dear Kml,

tku for the answer. It means that if I don’t use sales order but directly use sales invoice, I don’t use COGS interim ? I usually use sales invoice in receivables of financial management after print sales order in the test report of sales invoice. When we receive a sales order copy signed by customer, then invoice is print and after received printed invoice signed by customer, it is about posted.



If Post Ship is not seperated from Post Invoice then the interim accounts are NOT used. The same goes for purchase if post receive and post invoice is done at the same time the interim accounts are not used.

So in your case you don’t Navision will not use any interim accounts.

Hi Kml,

But if I don’t use interim, I will not use expected cost posting to G/L
checked in inventory setup, won’t I? If yes, would my transaction
directly recorded in G/L acc. no. if I post invoice and post something
in journals ? I have tried but I see the field is empty in the ledger
entry (cost posted to G/L field), meanwhile we use perpetual method.