Codeunit Collaboration

Has anyone/group started off an ‘open source’ codeunit that has certain functions that Navision C/SIDE simply doesn’t have?[:(] For example: This will convert an integar into a string IntToStr(nVal : Integer) Result : Text[30] Result := FORMAT( nVal, 0, ‘<Standard Format,1>’ ); Just thought it would be a nice idea to share some knowledge and have a set of tools to get the job done faster. Regards, Jason [:D]

I have never heard of this as an Open project. Most NSCs will have their own collection of routines/objects which they can draw from. As these are intelectual property, most won’t share them openly. I don’t think that you could have a group agree on what would appear in an open codeunit. I wouldn’t use the function you wrote as, to me, it would be more confusing to use cu.inttostr(intvar) call instead of just using the format function. Using the format function would be much easier to follow in the code.

I completely understand about intelectual property for developers and for the NSCs. I’m not proposing giving out complete add-ons or complicated routines, but just extending basic functions that may exist in other languages, but in C/Side. We have a few more of these functions of course, so I will investigate if we can ‘share’ these to the user group… [:)]