Codeunit associated with table/form

Dear All,

Can anyone tell me from where i can know which codeunit is associated with the table or form.



Standard avaliable then no.

You need to customize that.


This is basically you need to debug or using code covergae you can find which codeunit is running behind the table/forms.

  1. DataItem

  2. Variables , Global and Local

  3. Functions from other objects used. (so, their DataItems, Variables, and objects itselves.)

There are many codeunits which are called in multipe table or form, to validate the data.

So you cannot find a single codeunit being used for a single functionality.

which i agree to this too.

In fact you can, since the moment you are in the form in designer mode, imagine that is a button with drop down menu, just right click and choose “Menu Items”, new window will show you which RunObject is associated to the function you want.


I think what Amol was saying is that there’s no 1::1 relationship between objects (forms, pages, tables, etc.) and the codeunits they employ. You can’t say that for every page there’s a related codeunit, for example.

And, using the examples given so far, it is fairly straight-forward to determine which codeunits are defined as variables in one form or another within a given object. But, you’ll need to inspect code, either visually, or using codecoverage and/or debugger to determine all of the codeunits that run from any given action on a form, page or whatever.


what you are searching for is a “where used” tool.

there are 2 third party tools you can use (not for free):

idyn object manager advanced

statical prism

also follow