Code to Adjust the Posted project transactions lines in Project management and Accounting module - need help


We have whole a bunch of lines that need to be adjusted from Billable to NonBill and vice versa. I am trying to find some code that I can use or come up woht some code that I can write from AOT and run it to update all of them.

In our environment we only use Fee, Hour and Expense lines. When I adjust them from Posted project transaction screen for the Fee and Hour lines it is creating two new lines (updating the original line to NonBillable and the two new lines one is positive which is created as Cheargeable and the other new line as NonChargeable with negative amount to off set with the original line) . In the case of Expense line it seems like it is just updating the original line to NonChargeable or to Chergeable depending on its original status but it doesn’t create two new lines like it happens with the Fee and Hour lines.

Wondering if anybody had run into similar scenario, then it would be helpful for me to get the knowledge to quickly clean up the data at our end.

DAX version: 2012 CU3

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I am rusty on the process but there is an adjustment process within projects where you can, I believe, change elements of an invoice proposal like the property from chargeable to non-chargeable.

Like this and related pages.…/aa553205.aspx

Hi Adam,

Thanks for quick reply. Our users have been using the New adjustment from the beginning if there were only just a few lines. Now the PPT screen received from services a whole bunch of lines in thousands that need to be adjusted to NonBill/Bill so it is very time taking for them to adjust all of the lines and they need a quick solutions. So, I need to come up with some code that I can run from AOT.

Wait for a developer response (I am not one!)