Code Combinations Add on in Nav 5.0


I am looking into setting up the code combinations add on in our system. This will restrict the ability to code to specific dimensions as per the rules I set up.

Has anyone set these up before? Any comments on pitfalls, hints to make it easier, thoughts etc?

Thanks in advance.

Dimension Combination are pretty straight forward. Just as you would when turning anything on, test as much as possible in a test database so that you don’t kill your production environment.

Hi Matt

Yes, I do plan to test (a LOT!) prior to going live. Do you know the hierarchy NAV uses to sort the rules?

For example, we have multiple companies, some of which then have multiple departments within (using GD1 for companies & GD2 for departments). There are already restrictions in place on what GL codes can be used for specific companies (which are stored in the Dimension Combinations), but am now looking to restrict the departments from using certain GL codes.

This can be done on the code combination rule card (table 50425). At this point I am assuming that it uses the dimension combinations as the first set of rules, then progresses down til it hits the code combinations. Is that correct?

If you have an object that is numbered between 50,000 and 99,999 then it is a custom object for your company. Only a developer or your existing partner would be able to tell you how it works.

Handy to know - thanks Matt! :slight_smile: