Closing the Current form and Open the new Form

Hi all,

I have to click one button . the action for the button is " to close the current form and open the new form " . I have use like this

Args args;

FormRun run;



element.Close(); // To close the current form

args =

new Args(formStr(ScaffoldingInquiryDialog)); // to open the new form

run = classFactory.formRunClass(args);



The new form is opened . But the current form cannot be closed .

Please anyone Knows help me



Let me know if you find a solution, I am having a similar problem.

You say (by calling wait()) that the caller must wait until the new form is closed, so the caller waits. You should open the form and say that it is completely independent.

The fix is really simple - just use detach() instead of wait().

Thanks Martin Its working fine