Closing Period - Close Income Statement


i ran closed income statement year 2008 in partial account in microsoft dynamics Nav Version 5.01. we are using additional reporting currency in USD and it will be post directly to the general ledger. it won’t be transferred to general journal. when we ran close income statement only for account 7912 : Write Offs - Inventory, there a massage “the transaction cannot be completed because it will cause inconsistencies in the G/L Entry table. check where the and how the CONSISTENT function is used in the transaction to find the reason for the error. contact your system manager if you need assistance. parts of the program mark tables as inconsistent during very comprehensive tasks, such as posting. this prevents data from being updated incorrectly.”

can you help us for this problem.

thx u so much for the help.

Puji - what do you mean by this? Close Inc.Statement batchjob can not be run against some selected accounts - it closes ALL G/L Accs with “Inc/Balance” set to “Income Statement”…


It means we ran partial GL Account in close income statement. In microsoft dynamic nav ver.5.01, we can ran partial GL Account in close income statement.

No, you cannot. [:)]

It looks like somebody tampered with the report to give you that ability and you are experiencing the consequences.

after i checked, yes there is someone who modified those thing. how can i fix the problem ? can you help me, please…

i was using additional currency amount in microsoft dynamic nav.

simple. just go back to your partner, or consultant that made the change. ask for fixes.

  • ask for the standard, I would say…

yea anfinnur, pretty much closer [;)]