Closing Fiscal year


There are different projects within one main project. All the projects including main projects have different accounting period. So, if you close the fiscal year of all sub projects then you will not get the actual income statement of main project because main project also has different fiscal year. This sort of problem occure in INGOs accounting.

Is anyone has any idea about such problem???

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Do u mean tp say there are dfferent company for every project ?

What is INGO’s acconting???

All the projects are within one company. It has been traced with project dimensions. In INGOs, the accounting is the normal accounting. Only the difference, they have different accounting period to close FY

What is INGO’s ???

Internation Non-Government Organization. Eg: Red Cross organization

Are they using Navision ???


How you are maintaining Different accounting periods for different projects under one company ?

@Fortune: Additional question - what actually is performed during FY close for an non-profit and tax exempt organization (INGO’s must be such to qualify)?

IMHO you do not need many simultaneous and overlapping FYs of different lengths, some spanning over several calendar years, but PROJECT accounting to trace each separate project’s activities.
For that purpose even standard Analysis by Dims fits, and never mind project spans over a FY margin, as AbD excludes/includes closing entries at your wish.
I suppose your projects are not monster-sized like building Titanic II or Mars expedition, so standard functionality should be enough for your needs, no additional development required.


Thanks for your suggestion. Is this exclude and include closing entries exist in Account schedule column? I can’t find it coz most of the reports are been made from account schedule.