ClosedXML dll Error

I have added closedXML dll to the references in ax 2009 which is of version , but when using ClosedXML.Excel.XLWorkbook wb; in my x++ code in a class for importing excel information, it is throwing error The table does not contain this field . Please do suggest some suggestions

Thanks in Advance,

Gopinath M

Isn’t it actually a bug in your X++ code? Please share with us what you found when debugging your code before giving it up and coming here. Which line of code is throwing this error?

Thanks for the reply Martin, And the first line of code itself throwing error and it is an compilation error for your information

Aha, so AX can’t find the .NET assembly or the type name is wrong.
Where did you install the DLL? Did you add a reference to AOT?

yes added to the reference node in the AOT

Adding the reference isn’t enough, if the client can’t find the physical DLL file. That’s why the question “Where did you install the DLL?” is so important.

I suggest you upgrade to the latest version of ClosedXML (currently v0.87).