Close Income Statement batch Job

Dear All, I closed all fiscal years up to 31.03.09, i run close Income statement Batch job, and posted the lines.But

when i give date filter as 01.04.09…till date in chart of accounts, Net change and Balance fields of Chart of Accounts are not matching.

i am trying this year end activity in local database.

Hi Premjeet,

Have you run the Close Income Statement job on each fiscal year you closed?
The batch-job only works on 1 fiscal year at the time.
So if you put 31.03.09 as the End Date in the Request form, then you’ll end up closing entries with dates ranging 01-04-08…31-03-09.
But if any entries have dates before 01-04-08, then they will not have been included.

If this is not the reason, then i can only think of Prior-Year Entries as the reason for the difference.

Filter 01.04.09 includes transactions posted on THAT date, if such exist, and these already belong to next FY. To see zero balances of P/L accounts (as should be for closed FY), the filter must be LAST day of FY, not first, as you set it.

Besides, normally closing date postings are included, when you look at the CoA, but you might have excluded them - check that, too. Closing entries in your case will have PostingDate C31.03.09.

Hi Alexander!

I run the batch job once by closing all years, may be thats the reason as you are telling.

I will try now one by one running the batch job and will revert back to you.

Thanks a Lot