click event of checkbox

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i have a tree control, on which i set the check box property to Yes. Now where is the click event of the check box?


u can override the click event by overriding modified or clicked method for that Checkbox.

U can do this by right clicking on the methods node of checkbox and select override method and select modified or clicked mothod and write your code in that method.

U have to override the modified method of the checkbox


i am talking about the treecontrol. If you set the Checkbox property to ‘YES’ on the treecontrol , then the checkbox will appear on each node of the tree. I want to know where is the checkbox event of these checkboxes

You need to override the mouseDown and keyDown events of the treeControl, where you need to restrict the logic execution only for the check box select/un-select.

Go through the similar kind of implementation in \Forms\LedgerJournalPostControl

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Hi Kranti ,

can i check the checkbox through code. Right now i am checking it through the mouse click. . I used following code:

child.stateChecked(true); //but this does not work.