Clear USAGE data for all the users

Hi Techies,

I would like to clear usage data for all the users at a time. How can i do this?Thanks for your help!

Hi Dasrath,

All the users values data is stored in the syslastvalue system table. This can be found under the AOT/ System Documentation/Tables. This can be opened either through a table browser or write a simple job to delete the records. Attaching the screen shot to open it from the browser. Once table browser is opened you can do a CTRL+A to select all the records in the table then do a ALT+ F9 to delete all the records. Hope this helps. Good luck!


Hi Dasaradh,

To clear the Usage data Open the AOT , go to the options in Tools Menu bar click on Usage Data button then click on RESET.

Thank you very much Dave. This worked for me!

Hi Salman, Thanks for your reply. Actually i tried your option and this will clear only the current user’s cache,but not all the users cache.

Glad it worked for you! Please mark it as worked so it helps others.