clear the cache, layer import export

Hello everyone,

I am currently using dynamics ax 2009

I wanted to know of some code through which i could clear the cache.

I tried to Stop Aos and delete the .auc

but not getting the desired result does any one have the solution?

Also i wanted to know if we develop forms or any objects in usr layer and exported it

now i am importing that file in cus layer what changes i need to make in order to make it work perfectly in cus layer.

Which cache do you mean? Or maybe - what problem are you trying to solve?

There are three menu action items that can be used to flush system data, the AOD, and dictionary.

The thing about these though is that they are set to run at “called from” which when ran clear the client cache.

The trick is to copy these three menu items, and then change the run from property to server. Now you can launch these menu items, and they will run on the server, therefore clearing the AOD, sys data, and dictionary, causing a refresh.

So the three menu items that you copy are:[Under Menu items > Action]

  1. SysFlushAOD

  2. SysFlushData

  3. SysFlushDictionary

thank you very much vishal…can you tell me when we define the local macro in class declaration



what does ‘1’ signify here? what if i write there 3 or 4 what is the use of the number 1 and its significance in .currentversion(1)??

#DEFINE.CurrentVersion(1) – It is a macro that contains the global variables to be kept until the next time the user executes this class.

1 is nothing but, just a version number(can be changed)

And the variables which you have declared just below that, defines the variable that stores the value until the next time the user executes the report or class.

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