Cleaning house - email issues

Hey everyone,

We’re doing some housecleaning around here, as you may have seen.

One of the things causing headaches for people and making a crummy user experience (especially for new users and users that are coming active again after being inactive for a while) is that the emailing engine was failing. Since we have so many users, we were reaching Office 365’s quota. Since this is the system that sends new users emails with their and allows users to reset their passwords, it’s obviously a big problem.

To fix it, we’ve disabled the email alerts for almost everything while the quota empties. The only thing still enabled is new user notifications and password resets. If you’ve been having issues with resetting your password, trying a reset in a day or two should work again.

While the majority of the email notifications are off, the web notifications are still on. Make you sure log in periodically and check to see if people are responding to your threads or questions - you’ll see a number in the lightning bolt at the top right.

In the meantime, if you’re seeing anything else out of place, let us know! Reply to this thread or email us at and we’ll get back to you.


The DUG team

Update. There were more jobs that were sending out emails than I saw originally and Microsoft blocked our tenant from sending. We turned off the jobs, reached out to support, and got everything straightened away for now.

New users who were waiting for welcome emails should get them now. Existing users who were waiting for password reset emails should get them now.

If you’re not still not getting the emails you’re expecting, reach out to and we’ll see what’s going on.