Clean a Filter in a Form

I am trying to execute one filter in a form but I get one error message. I think this filter is closed by a bad filter option.

How can I clean a filter data in a Form. There is any C/AL function to do do that??

This function is called “RESET”

But in the end it depends on what exactly you are trying to do. What error message do you get?

The error is that there is no Referenece to service header.

I am trying to execute form 5915, and for a resource filter (a specific one) i get the message:

"The service header does not exist, identification fields and values:

Document Type=, order="

This is one error on Form 5911 AfterRecord on validation:

ServHeader.GET(“Document Type”,“Document No.”);

The service order was already processed and does not exist in service header in fact.


This looks like custom code. To stop the error use

IF NOT ServHeader.GET(“Document Type”,“Document No.”) THEN


But why is the code there?