Classic report in RTC - one workstation gets 'company not found'

We are using the classic version of the purchase order to print in RTC. This was working great on all workstations. Suddenly, one workstation cannot print classic reports from RPC. This workstation gets the message “company cronus usa, inc. not found” when it launches the classic request form.

  • We have done a system restore on this workstation back to a time when the report would print, and it still does not print

  • when I login as an administrator, we get the same issue, only on this workstatoin.

  • the report runs fine in classic on this workstation

  • if I rename the company to cronus usa, inc. from CRONUS USA, INC. it works!

For some reason this computer is telling launching classic from RTC with a lower case name. NO other workstations are doing this. We cannot rename our live company to be all lower case.

Any idea what is different on this workstation that is making it call the classic report using the lower case company name? This happens with any classic report called from RTC on this computer.



yes possible any classic report called from RTC