Dear All, We have a client , who is having operations in 2 countries , he wants to Have a centralized server in one country where Navision would be implemented and the users in the other country would have to dial up access Navision. We have proposed 10 sessions and 15 webuers along with CITRIX server , but we have a query, Can the users in the other Country access Navision sessions by using the Internet instead of Phone / ISDN lines which are prohibitively expensive. i.e The users in the other country would be doing heavy posting transactions from Navision sessions (not the websuers). Waiting for your valuable suggestions Thanks and regards Surya Prakash

Surya - why not using MS-Terminal Services instead of Citrix. TS has an add-in for using this TS-session in a MS-IE browser window. Search on the microsoft website for ‘tsweb’, they have the installation files there for downloading. Regards Walter

Surya, You can use Virtual Private Networking Software (which you’d have to purchase), using a terminal server via a firewall. The terminal server should sit on another file server. For more details, Hynick would be of more help as he gave details about this to our techinal guys. Regards,

We use Citrix internally over our private network and Navision works fine. I personally would not use MS Terminal services, even under Win2K, without Citrix as the improvements in functionality, bandwidth reduction, administration, printer handling and stability are well worth the additional costs. Given a reliable ISP in both countries I would go the VPN route. I have personally setup a number of these in many countries over the last 2 years and they can be made to work very effectively. Again the Citrix extensions will be important here to maximise the performance. If you are prepared to put in the time then ordinary old PPTP to a Win2K server can be a very effective solution for the VPN. The down side is you need someone very good at firewall design and administration to get it to work and still be secure. If absolute security is an issue then I would use a VPN appliance product such as the Lucent VPNet systems.