Choosing appropriate integration approach for file based integration

Hi Team,

I have a customer requirement related to integration. I have very minimal experience of azure. I did research from my side to choose a best fit to do this integration but i am not fully confident so just want suggestions on this.

Current scenario : Customer have a third party system which is already integrated with other erp application in bi directional way.

Requirement: customer wants to replace their legacy erp application with d365fo. we will get puchase order in csv file from interface of customer which will placed in ftp repository. now this PO has to be created and updated in d365fo with interval of 30 minutes and after 30 minute we need one export batch also which takes imported po with some addition details and export it in some other ftp repository. we will get approx 10000 record per hour and it can be increased in pick season.

MY Analysis: Based on my analysis and study I want to use d365fo recurring batch api. and for middleware i want to choose Logic apps which can connet d365fo to ftp to pick the file. but i have seen in blogs there were on premises data gateway mentioned along with logic apps for this kind of file based integration. so i get confused whether i will use ftp connector with logic app or do i need to use on premises data gateway with logic app.

please do let me know if you required any information that i have missed to understand scenario in much informative way.

any suggestion would be helpful.

You may need a gateway to connect to on-premises resources. But if you have an FTP server that you connect to from internet (namely the Azure data center), then you don’t need such a gateway.

thanks @MartinDrab for your valuable input .