Choose my own Documents no.

Dear Navision Forum (and Neil :wink: )

Im importing G/L postings from my old ERP into Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015. I would like to keep the old document no. from the old ERP so i always can look it up in our old ERP. Though Navision wont let me choose my own document no.s in the journal so i can match them to the old ERP. Can i somehow force Navision to accept my own Document no.s in the journal?

I hope my question makes sense.

Best Regards

Simon :slight_smile:


Yes you can by selecting a journal batch name that does not use auto numbering! [:)]

Look for the journal batch you want to use and tick the ‘Manual’ numbering box. Then you can use whatever document number you like. This is what we use for open ledger entries (customer, vendor) and opening trial balance.


It worked! Thank you very much. I verify you solution :slight_smile:

Dear Neil.

I was a little too fast. I got it all posted, but the system automaticly changed the numbers :-/. I still cant get it to accept my numbers.

I have recorded a video and uploaded it to youtube. It shows that when i try to post the journal, it says that my document nr. are wrong, even though i can show that i have thicked the “manual numbering”.


Looks like a posting number series issue.

Take out numbering assigned to journal batch completely for number series and posting number series. Please see link below to screen shot showing what I mean.


Yeah that was it! At least it worked on my test postings, so hopefully it also works on the real postings that i will post later today :slight_smile:

Again, Thank you very much Neil!