Chinese Language Module For Microsoft Dynamics NAV 5.0

Hi All,

Does anyone know where I could obtain a chinese language module for NAV 5.0?



Hi Axle,

Two things.

  1. NAV version 5.0 will not be released for Asia (incl. China).

  2. There exists no official Chinese version of Dynamics NAV (also not version 4.0). But Tectura has greated both a Traditional and Simplified version for Navision 4.0. And with not too much work, it would work on most parts of version 5.0 also.

Hi Erik,

Thank you very much for your reply, I had read through a few posts and wasn’t quite sure if Tectura offered the language module for NAV 5.0.

What I am trying to do is have NAV produce purchase orders in Chinese for Chinese suppliers. The actual program will still be in English. Do you know if this is possible using Tectura’s version? Or am I trying to be a little too optimistic?

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Oh, then you don’t really need the language pack. You just need access to run multiple documents languges. Then you just have to translate the text caption of the purchase order reports into Chinese. Without the language pack, then I think the best way is to make a copy of the purchase order report and translate all the captions. Normally the caption would come directly from the tables caption translations, but since you don’t have this, then you need to translate them on the report (and actually set the captions - so they don’t just come from the tables).

Thanks Erik, I’ll get our developers to give this a go!

Yes do that, and if they don’t know how to do it, then tell them to ask here…


Sorry to jump in someone else’s query, but we have a similiar requirement…we need a copy of a report to print out but with the heading captions in Chinese. The data displayed will still be in English.

We have tried a simple cut and paste into a caption filed but we just end up with “???”'s displayed.

Could anyone please detail the steps we will need to go through to achive this?

We’re running Nav3.60bGB client on Citrix (Win2000)

Thanks in advance…

You might know that Dynamics NAV does not support unicode (which is supported by most other Microsoft programs).

That means in NAV’s case that in order to support a special character set then the client must support it “natively”. That means that the client you want to show and print chinese characters from must have been setup to support Chinese at OS level. So you should be able to show and type chinese characters even in the command lines.

Thanks Erik for the quick reply. I’ll investigate further. I thought we could have just used a multilanguage (CaptionML) property.

We have the “Chinese (PRC)” local installed through Control Panel → Reginal settings and I can paste chinese Chars into WordPad but Nav does not like it.




Microsoft did not have any solution for Asia, how can it be done more by Tectura in Asia/China area?

Microsoft is in trouble of multi-ERP products of itself. If a new version of Microsoft Dynamics Nav, we say it Nav Tectura Version, will confuse more to our end users.

What a terrible future!!

so how we can add chinese language?

can it be done in nav 2009?

Hi Mr. Erik - I am asking about the procedures for Adding NAV Chinese Language. What is the procedures for this. I think there is a Chinese Language Granule needed for the installation. Where i can get this files. Waiting for your reply… Thanks… Dan Platts

We already have NAV 5.0 and 2009 here in the Philippines. The Language is not Filipino though. It’s still English. but the Demo Company has Philippine Addresses and Zip Codes, etc.

But to my interest, Is MS has a plan for a chinese module? sounds interesting ;o)

The MS already sold the Chinese Language to our Partner but the problem is we dont where to get the Chinese Language Module for Nav 2009.Do you have the idea where i can request or download this…

HI Dan,

To get the Chineese Localization pack:

  • You have to buy it from a Partner. (I know Tectura has developped a Chineese Localization, but maybe there are other partners who have it.


  • You can develop it yourself. But it takes some time. At BSE Consulting, we are a Korean partner, and we have developed our own Korean Localization. It is a tedious task but if you have time it’s worth doing it :slight_smile:

For the Granule ID, Korean ID is 4814, I think Chineese is around this range 48xx.