Chinese Chars

We are running Navision from the UK across to China via windows 2003 and citrix XP. The TS is multilingual with the chinese code page as default. With the version of the Nav client we have, we can view/print most Chinese chars without any problems. The issue we have is that certain chars do not display properly at all. I dont understand why most work fine and some of these others dont. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Zed

What version of Navision? Navision native or Microsoft SQL database?

Navision SG 3.01b on windows 2000 with SQL 2000. All the characters we have are double byte characters, and let me reiterate again, most are coming out perfect except for a select few. Thanks Zed

Navision 3.70 have enhanced the support for multiple codepages in the database. So if you’re experiencing problems here then you should maybe try updating and then alter the database codepage to support windows codepage selection and set the system to not validate the codepage. We’re also running SG 3.01b in our factory in China and are not experiencing problems. But we are not running it under TS!

After doing some more testing over the weekend, an interesting point came up. The characters that we are having problems with, cannot be inputted into Navision via the keyboard, however we are able to cut and paste the chars in from notepad/write and other windows applications. We are using Chinese PRC - with Chinese Simplified QuanPin keyboard layout. It is not feasible for us to upgrade our version of the nav client, because we have written loads of custom fields. (I aint a developer, so dont ask me what [:p], its what I have been told)

You don’t have to do a full upgrade to be able to take advantages of the new 3.70 feateres. I’ve done it several times. You “simply” installs the new clients and starts the system again. Or even better. You create a new database with the correct Collation settings and restores a Navision backup into the new database. This way you continue to use the same old application (objects) but with the new engine (3.70).

Hi,Zed, Could you tell me the detail of the Chars?If it is standard report,I can test it because I am a chinese consultant.And Maybe give you a suggestion. :slight_smile: If you are urgent,we can contact by mail.