Cheque printing through EPSON Dot matrix printer

Hi all,

Currently I am stuck on to set Cheque print report on EPSON printer.

Reference: We are using DAX 2012 feature pack and report is Cheque_US, Printer: EPSON LQ580.

Scenario: Our cheque size is 102x203mm so I have created a customized page on printer which has scale “10.2x20.3cm”. Now problem facing during printing the cheque, when I select A4 or Letter type page during printing the report is printing correctly and when i select our customised page (10.2x20.3cm) then printer does zip / compact the report and print at left upper corner with a small font size on the cheque. I don’t know what is the issue in that.

Please suggest me what should I do?

Thanks in advance


Hi Vimal,

Did you got solution for above issue iam facing same issue.???