Cheque Payment Cancellation Issue


There are 3 cheques payment reversal being done. There is one cheque payment reversal having an issue. After doing the cheque payment reversal, the cheque status has been canceled. However, the reversed payment still exist as open under open transaction editing. Have check on the status and the payment being reversed in the transaction. There is nothing wrong with the reversal transaction but somehow a bit weird with the settlement history. Have try to simulate the cheque payment reversal but didn’t found any that will cause this.

Anyone encounter this before? Is this a bug? Any solution for this. This happened in AX2009

all these three chequest related to same customer?

all these three cheques related to same Venor?

all these three cheques related to same Bank?

all these three transaction has proper information in settlement tab?

Please tell me.

Please refer the below information:

  • All these 3 cheques are of different Vendor
  • All these 3 cheques are of the same Bank
  • 2 cheques are having the correct information. However, the cheque with issue has incorrect information in settlement tab. It shows it is not settled with the generated reversal payment. But the generated reversal payment shows that it is settled with the cancelled cheque payment in the settlement tab.