checking whether posted sales invoice has been paid?

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From the posted sales invoice how do i know whether the invoice has been paid or not?is there anyway to know if any payment is applied to that invoice ?

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you can find that information in the customer ledger entries. So you have to open the customer, and then his ledger entries, and then search for the invoice and there you see, if it is still open.

If you want to see that directly in the Posted Sales Invoice, you would need to make a modification.


From the posted sales invoice form - click on the navigate buttton and select the Cust. Ledger Entry line. Either drilldown or click the show button. You can see from this screen what the remaining balance is for the invoice. If you need to know the payment reference the click Entries → Applied Entries


  1. Go to Customer Card-Customer Ledger Entries.

  2. Find the Sales Invoice for which you would like to see the payments

  3. Place the cursor on the Sales line and view the “Remaining Amount” field if the remaining amount is blank, it means the Payment is made and applied. Similarly if the Invoice is “closed” it means it means the Payment is made.

  4. Drill down into the Remaining Amount field to view the Entries, you can see the Payment to which the Invoice was applied including the Payment Details.

Alternatively, click the “Entry” button available on the right hand bottom of Customer Ledger Entries screen and Click on “Detail Ledger Entries” and you can see the Payment to which the Invoice was applied including the Payment Details.

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Look in Customer/Vendor ledger entries Form.

Open it from any Cust/Vend Card, then play with filtering - remove Cust/Vend code, filter Invoices only, and look at field Open. If it = TRUE (checkmark in List), then Invoice is not fully paid yet. (or allocation hasn’t been done - then Open=TRUE also).

Thank you all for your respones. All of yours suggestions is to check it from customer ledger entries form. But i dont want to switch to other windows…cant i check it from posted sales invoice itself?

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No, not in Standard, you need a customization for that.