Checkbox ticked by default

Hi, in form level How to checkbox by default ticked

i have tried going to design->checkbox field and setting property → auto declaration to YES.

but it is not working please suggest a solution


If the checkbox is linked to a DataField, you should put the default value on the initValues method of the Data Source:

tableName.fieldName = NoYes::Yes;

If the checkbox is not linked to data, you can check it on the run method (after super() call) of the form (assuming the control has the AutoDeclaration property to Yes.



After setting the Auto Declaration property of the control to Yes, override the enter method and Write the below code.


i have field Usequalitymanagement in InventParametres table

now in form InventParametresdesign i am using Usequalitymanagement in CheckBox

how to i get it check box ticked by default


If You want to make a field to show a default value then you have to do it in table level if it is bounded to that table otherwise code on init() of form datasource.

thanks all for your help good day