Check Printing

We are having an issue with checks printing we issue the command to print checks and to have all the invoices print on one check but for the past week it seems to print every invoice on a different check. I think this is part of the problem that we would lump credit memos in the check showing we had applied the refund to the invoice but the system is saying we cant print a -check amount. Also if we reprint the same checks after printing out individual ones it prints all on one check.

Any customization done in this ?

Yes it was done custom by our NAV partners and everything was working fine until a week ago it is in 2013 and when you reprint the check it does fine but if you first print it goes haywire.

Is there anything that I can do to get this fixed?

If you’re in a position to work with the NAV partner who has been customizing your application, that would probably be your best option. If not, then you may need to engage other consultants to help you isolate and correct the issue. If there’s a problem with the program code, it’s really hard to help resolve it based on just the general description of the issue that you’ve provided so far.

One possible explanation for the problem might be user-related. I’ve seen cases where users are so accustomed to the process of printing checks that they become unaware of the effects of various settings on the Print Check options page. If a user’s settings are blanked or reset, the user may not notice the effect on the Print Check options, which may produce unexpected results.

Well our partner that set it up and did our upgrade seems to have done more damage than good, there is nothing that has changed on our system except a license change, but I dont think that would have anything to do with this. I will have them check all the settings and try it then.

Ok so the user did change one setting while pulling up the checks but neglected to tell me about it.