Check Printing, Line Overflow?

Hey guys!

NAV’s default behaviour with regards to printing checks with more lines that can fit on one check is to print and void checks with the first X lines until it finally prints a non-void check with the remaining lines on it. Essentially I need to eliminate printing and voiding checks when there are too many lines for one check. Do any of you know how I’d go about having just one check printed with the remaining lines being enumerated in a separate document or printed onto plain blank stock? I’m open to some minor customization, but if there’s an existing add-on product that addresses this I’d appreciate if someone could point me to it (my searches haven’t turned anything up yet).



Thanks for that Savatage, that’s pretty much what I’m looking for. Do you know whether there’s some ISV solution that implements separate reports for remittance lines?

You could try it yourself - it’s very similar to the Applied Entries function in the vendor ledger entries.

Use code coverage to see it in action:

SETCURRENTKEY(“Closed by Entry No.”);
SETRANGE(“Closed by Entry No.”,CreateVendLedgEntry.“Entry No.”);
SETRANGE(“Closed by Entry No.”);
SETRANGE(“Vendor No.”,CreateVendLedgEntry.“Vendor No.”);

Basically the check has an “entry No” & each related credit or invoice has a “closed by Entry no” field.
In this code it simply marks the entries to prepare them for viewing.
The same principal should be involved to create a report.

Now this is after it has been posted - I can assume you can play with the “Document No” & “Appies-to ID” fields (just like the “entry No” & “closed By entry no” fields in the other example) to create a pre-posted check details report?

Haven’t need it myself so I haven’t created one - but it should be possible with some effort.