Check Printing Issue


I created a batch in Payment Journal and assigned a Posting No. Series to it. But when I’m going to print a check following error occurs.


Hi TotalAmber,

try to enter the NoSeries in teh field NoSeries, in stead of in the field Posting NoSeries


Hi Ernst,

Thanks for the reply.

What is the use of “Posting No. Series” field in Payment Journal Batches?

To be honest, I don’t know, I never bothered to find out.

Did it solve your problem?

Posting No. series is the no. used to post the document.

If you have assigned No. series and posting no. series in both then system will use posting no. series to post the document.


Posting No. Series, This field contains the code for the number series that will be used to assign document numbers to ledger entries that are posted from this journal batch.

Did you solve the issue?


Swati Chauhan