Check No. Exists


We have a problem trying to post a couple manual checks from the payment journal. We get an error “Check No. Exists”. When I run the debugger, it shows the checks as “Printed|Posted|Financially Voided”. I have done extensive reviews of the Check and Bank Ledger Entry tables and do not find these check numbers.

We are using Nav 5.0 SP1.

What can I do next to see why we are unable to post these checks?

Thank you.

Have you looked at the “Last Check No.” on the Bank Account card is this conflicting, I think that you may need to use the next check sequence number even for a manual check.


Hi David,

Thank you for the suggestion. While that didn’t work, we did find a solution.

The user set up the payments in a different payment journal, not the “Default” one. Manual checks with manually entering the number series needed as before and they posted fine. Not sure what is different about the “Default” journal.