check ledger entries

How can i links bank account ledger entry to check ledger entry in dynamics nav.
Becaus some entries with check payment don’t appear in check ledger entry

Why are they not appearing have you checked ?

Yes i have checked,

I found that the only way to have a transaction done in the check ledger entry is to post payments from “payment journal” becaus other journals and documents execute transactions only in “G/L entry”.

I have not test the payment slip because setup is missing.

The transaction are posted in check ledger entry table if the Bank payment Type is selected, if that’s blank no check ledger entry will be created.

You can post the entries in check ledger entry table via Bank Payment,Bank Receipt, Payment Journal if you have selected bank payment type.

As you say Sir Manish, I have selected bank payment type in cash receipt journal to create a check payment of a customer but the entries still not appearing in the “check ledger entry”.

It should be Bank Receipt instead of Cash Receipt.

Really i don’t found this type of payment.
I found a tutorial which explain this transaction but i can’t follow it because i can’t acceed to Bank receipt voucher .

Where did those Bank Ledger Entry come from ?

Are those opening entry or legacy entry posted in NAV.

Thanks a lot Sir Manish,

I am working in the cronus test then i will pass to post them in my data so that i will avoid problems later.
what you mean by opening and legacy entry ?