Check Box filter..

hi All…

i have an checkbox to which i have assigned an table…now what i want to know is that, how i will filter this table so that the user see only certain fields…i tried using RunformView[*-)]…but dunno how well to use it i guess[:@].

for eg :- i have an table with students mark,roll,name,chemistry,biology,phys.

so how do i use runFormview ,so that i only chemistry values along with the others (mark,roll,name)…

hope i made my query understandable…

thanks [:)]

Even though your question is not very clear, but:

Do you plan to have a seperate form per study type?
If so, the correct filter would be Chemistry, CONST, Yes.

Otherwise you should not use the form view but have an option selection on the top of the form (similar to Report Selections form) and change filter by code when changing the value in this option field.

My fields are decimal fields, so cant use const i think!..And i will attach my snap here…in methodylogy there are serveral, but i have kept only 1 here, so when i click the methodology and the resource! only the resurces i selected should appear in the form…

Hi Shona,

I’m a bit confused with the screenshot you’ve attached. What are you trying to EXACTLY?

a) Are you trying to Filter Resources based on Methodology, Practice etc?
b) Are you trying to get the filters first and then display a form based on the selection?
c) What and where is the Decimal fields you’re talking about?


a) yes…based on both.

b) For the Practice Nav i have a form which has all the values…'m gonna apply the filter on that and display accordingly.

c) the PM checkbox in the resources, its an decimal field in my table which is calculated partly codes and partly by flowfilter. thats what i was speaking about.

The more you talk, the less I understand. [:(]

A checkbox on a form can only be based on a boolean field. So, what are you talking about?

Are the option fields or all individual booleans?

Can more than one be checked off at the same time? (ie Navision & OS)

Are you wanting you use a boat load of case statements?
Case this & that
setfilter type 1
case than & tehn
setfilter type 2


hi anna,

i no that[:)], if you see my snap shot there i think you will understand more…i have practise,method,resource…so i want to filter as

Prac : Nav

Method : LongTeam

Resource : PM SE PL

this entry form consist of all the details of an compamy in it…but a Nav user can access only Nav details and Os users Os details…till now are you clear?

2nd part…According to your position in the company you can access these details…not all can access all details right? some can be very confidential.

So in order to prevent that, 'm creating an entry screen which has loads of filter…

So…when you select Nav, all the methods and Resources will be of NAV…the name wont change, only the forms opening will.

i am confusing you still anna?

its not option fields…all individual booleans…yes more than 1 can be cheked @ a time…then only i can have filters right harry…!

About filters i havn’t decided yet…thats why 'm asking here…i thought of setfilters the first time…but it was getting complex n complier!

so i drop it!

hi …

i will explain more clearly…

in a company we have more than 1 dept’s right ?

So lets call them as practise here…but a person(say myself) is working on NAV! so i can access only NAV details. but the company has all the details of all the practise!
clear till now?

now…when i select NAV in the Practise…All the method & resources opening will be of NAV details…

But Not all person can access all datas even in NAV…I am an Technical person, so i can access only technical details! thats is where Methodology cames…then i want to view only particular datas in the methodology! so comes the Resouces!

so i will open a form with filters like this

Prac : NAV

Method : long Team

Resources : PM PL SE


Well, I think I got something out of it.

(a) You want to show Form A to the User with say only the first line of Check Boxes (i.e. for Navision, SAP etc)
(b) Based on his selection, you want to display further available choices for the user to select filtering at each level
(c) Finally when all the details are selected, you want to run another Form B filtering for the details provided in Form A.

I tried out a Small Example by writing code on OnPush of the CheckBox button. Here’s something that can help you.

a) First place all the CheckBoxes and assign SourceExpressions to them (Boolean Values)
b) Go to the Property of the CheckBox control and Give Each Control a NAME
c) On the OnPush Trigger of a CheckBox write code to Conditionally Show (Enabled) or Hide (Disable) other following boxes.
d) Finally based on the choice, call another form.

Here is a small code snippet I tested.

if a = FALSE then
if a = TRUE then

(Small letter ‘a’ is the SourceExpression and ‘B’ and ‘C’ are the values in the NAME field)


yea…thats what i want…And B and C are values of which name field? because a checkbox can have only 1 name field right …then which is it in this B or C?


hi vikram,

'm keeping an button called SHOW…so after selecting all the options ,when i press show it will show accordingly…otherwise the user will not know when the form opens…

so the entry screen now will have all the checkboxes… like this…

1321.entry screen.bmp (2.25 MB)

so should i now write all my codes in ‘show’ button itself?

It depends on what you want to achieve.

This is clearly an example of NOT KNOWING WHAT YOU ARE TRYING TO DO. Had I been developing such a Form, I would’ve known what buttons will appear at what time.

It is very important to ‘think it through’ before you start. If you want:

a) Methodology, Resource buttons to appear after a User clicks Practice, then you’ve to write code in the CheckBoxes of Practice.
b) If you want to show all the buttons for the user selection, and then show him the main form at once, write your code in the SHOW button.


thats what 'm doing…and thats what i said i will do…just asked is it advisble…